Senate Elections of 25 March 2018 : The National Communication Council Chairman’s instructions to Medias !

Senate Elections of 25 March 2018 : The National Communication Council Chairman’s instructions to Medias !

The Chairman of the National Communication Council Mister Peter Esoka held a press briefing this afternoon at 02 P.M. at his Headquarter in Yaoundé.

The electoral campaign for the 25 March 2018 Senate elections begins tomorrow March 10, 2018 at 00.00.01AM. In order to preserve peace, transparency and pluralism, Mister Peter Esoka, talking to national and international Medias has reminded the main principles that have to be observed during the electoral campaign. The instructions concern all medias.

Based on the Article 9 of Presidential Decree N°92/03 of 13 February 1992 laying down modalities for political parties’ access to state –owned audiovisual,  Article 11, subparagraph 2 of  Presidential Decree N°2012/038 of 23 January 2012  reorganizing the NCC, Article 11, subparagraph 1 of Presidential Decree N°2012/038 of 23 January 2012 reorganizing the NCC, the Chairman Peter Esoka insisted on the suspension of all political programs,  political broadcast programs for parties represented at the National Assembly, the presence  of candidates in all other programs other than those authorized  throughout electoral campaigns. Also the Broadcasting of straight news reports on isolated political party activities in news spaces in the media is forbidden. All content that is susceptible to bringing strain on the ideals of social peace, national unity and integration, democracy and Human Rights is strictly forbidden from being disseminated. All overt or covert calls for secession are prohibited ; all messages in support of secessionists and secession must be censored. The equitable treatment of information or views gathered by journalists in the exercise of their duties is recommended.

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